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    John Smith

    English Teacher Mr. Smith has been with the school for 5 years.
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    Jane Doe

    Math Teach Jane is the newest additoinal to our teaching staf ...
  Name Title Group Contact
Claire Albano Albano, Claire
Kevin Aldrich Aldrich, Kevin Teaching Faculty 8174475284
Angee Armstrong Armstrong, Angee
Monty Avilez Avilez, Monty
Amanda Bohlmann Bohlmann, Amanda Instructor
Marianne Caliguire Caliguire, Marianne Teaching Faculty
Roger Clark Clark, Roger
Andrew Cohen Cohen, Andrew
Kelby Cookus Cookus, Kelby
Trenton Cornehl Cornehl, Trenton
Tracy Crawford Crawford, Tracy Teacher - First Grade Department Head - First Grade
Mike Cuddy Cuddy, Mike
Jon-Mark Davey Davey, Jon-Mark
Kittren Dibley Dibley, Kittren
Lesa Doerstling Doerstling, Lesa
Eldren Echternkamp Echternkamp, Eldren
Liz Feller Feller, Liz
Chris Gahan Gahan, Chris Teaching Faculty
Dana Glosup Glosup, Dana
Dana Glosup Glosup, Dana 3213174080
Courtney Haindel Haindel, Courtney Instructor Teaching Faculty
Kate Henderson Henderson, Kate Teaching Faculty
Dan Hughes Hughes, Dan Vice Principal
Jana Kane Kane, Jana
Saundra Kennedy Kennedy, Saundra
Phelecia Leitch Leitch, Phelecia 817-555-1234
Amanda Lyons Lyons, Amanda
Matt McLean McLean, Matt
Nancy Mendes Mendes, Nancy
Carol Morris Morris, Carol
Brad Murphey Murphey, Brad
Angela Nielsen Nielsen, Angela
Mikaela Otto Otto, Mikaela
Jim Owens Owens, Jim Principal
Jeremy Penner Penner, Jeremy
Lee-Ann Pepicelli-Murray Pepicelli-Murray, Lee-Ann
Robin Riley Riley, Robin
Mike Rivard Rivard, Mike
Topher Russo Russo, Topher
Scott Smith Smith, Scott
Mike Spanier Spanier, Mike Vice Principal
Staff Staff Staff, Staff
Operations Team Team, Operations
Linda Thomas Thomas, Linda
Kemp Tucker Tucker, Kemp
Tony Walker Walker, Tony
Brett White White, Brett
Mark Wile Wile, Mark
Mike Ziemski Ziemski, Mike